Counseling is a dynamic process that is different for each individual and family. The relationship between therapist and client(s) is one of the most important elements in therapeutic success.

Individual Counseling

Counseling Midland TexasBecause we all encounter situations that cause distress, many people may feel an overpowering and continued sense of sorrow or helplessness when facing emotional circumstances that create challenges.  Emotional difficulties can lead to a decrease in day to day functioning.  Individual therapy is about exploring what holds you back from your past, helping you to live more in the present, so that you can move forward towards living a more fulfilling life.

Our approach to therapy is founded on a holistic perspective which encompasses mental, emotional, spiritual, physiological, and interpersonal aspects of wellness. We believe that every human being deserves to enjoy a profound sense of life satisfaction and that each person’s ability to achieve this is both innate and boundless. Therapy, therefore, is aimed at removing the various hindrances that interfere with the natural flow of our lives, moving us towards a personal sense of fulfillment and self-actualization.

Family Therapy/Couples Therapy

Family Counselor West TexasWhen one member of a family is experiencing problems, other family members may be affected. Common family issues include substance abuse, adolescent acting out, depression or anxiety of one or more members of the family system, death of a family member, and inadequate parenting skillsFamily therapy, when in a safe and therapeutic environment, can help improve communication between family members leading to resolving family problems with positive solutions.


Play Therapy

Play is the language of children. Play is the way children verbalize what is going on with them cognitively and emotionally. Play is not therapy by itself. In play therapy the therapist enters the child’s world and makes a connection, giving empathy, understanding, and feedback, respecting where they are emotionally, and what they are expressing. Play therapy allows a child to express him/herself, and the play therapist lets the child know he/she is important by providing the attention, time, and nonjudgmental response to what the child is expressing.

At Insight Counseling Center we educate parents about child development so they can parent with understanding and compassion and assist parents in becoming the kind of mom and dad they aspire to be through helping them to identify and release the blocks. Our clients aim to accept that they will never be the perfect parent but strive to be a good enough parent.

Trauma Therapy

Grief Counseling Odessa TXMany people have experienced some form of trauma during their life.  Whether it was a painful childhood, a difficult relationship, a social rejection, humiliation, loss of control, physical or emotional injury, abuse or assault, and you can’t seem to move forward, trauma therapy may help.

Unresolved issues of trauma my show up in the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety/Fears or Phobias
  • Distorted thinking
  • Isolation or withdrawing from people, places & things
  • Difficulty connecting/intimacy issues
  • Getting “triggered” or over-reacting/difficulty controlling emotions
  • Avoidance
  • Feeling outside of your body or emotionally numb
  • Changes to sleep or appetite
  • Getting “stuck” in the memory, or feeling as though it is happening all over again

EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is one of the most effective psychotherapy approaches for the treatment of trauma. In simple terms, through EMDR, our counselors can help you deal with past experiences and current emotions in a way that empowers you to get unstuck. EMDR therapy can help you move forward with the emotional freedom, practical skills, and sense of peace and confidence that you need to live more fully and joyfully.

Group Therapy

Family Therapy Odessa TexasInsight Counseling Center offers various group counseling sessions throughout the year including groups targeted toward anxiety and stress management, grief and loss, survivors of suicide, support groups for depression counseling and a general group for addressing a broad range of members’ needs.

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