Kamille Garcia, MA, Certified School Counselor, LPC, RPT

Headshot of Kamille Garcia

I believe the resiliency of the human spirit is one of the great gifts of life

People can encounter times of adversity and emerge from these experiences stronger, and more insightful. I think people have the solution to their problems within themselves, and sometimes just need a little support. By providing a welcoming and trusting environment, you can discover that you are resilient, and capable of healing.

In today’s fast paced society, people can easily become distracted and overwhelmed by daily life stressors. Sometimes people focus on caring for others, and forget about their own wellness. They forget to invest the same amount of time, and nurturing in themselves as they do with others. In our sessions, we can reconnect with what is important to you.

I use several different techniques in counseling sessions that are geared towards your needs. I like to encourage people to use their own strengths and creative outlets to express themselves. Whether its through art, writing, play, or other activities, I find that it grounds us back to our inner self. As a professional school counselor, I am well versed in academic and behavioral intervention, goal-setting, and social skills. Areas I commonly address with students throughout the year are organizational skills, transitions, stress, communication skills, character education, and other various school related topics.

My goal is for children, families, and individuals to have a safe space to explore and work through their challenges together. Together we can rediscover yourself and your ability to heal and grow. I welcome you to take your first step in your journey of self-healing.