Anxiety Treatment

Are Daily Fears And Concerns Beginning To Consume Your Life?  

Have recent events caused you to worry more than usual? Is it natural for you to make decisions out of fear rather than self-assurance? Do you simply wish that you could quiet your mind and focus on what’s in front of you?

Perhaps there is an instance of unresolved trauma from your past that has caused you to be hyperaware and overly vigilant. It may be that you rarely—if ever—feel safe and that there seem to be threats to your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being at every turn.

Maybe you are constantly fearful and worried, and you struggle with ruminations (or disruptive thoughts that seem to play on repeat). Perhaps your anxiety has become so intensified that it has escalated into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), depression, or another mental health condition.

When anxious, you may also find it difficult to concentrate, sleep, or even breathe. Maybe you’re often agitated or on edge because it feels as though something bad could happen at any moment. And if this is the case, it’s probably hard for you to focus on tasks, pay attention to your relationships, or feel present in your life.

Being human is already difficult as is, but when heightened stress is added to the mix, it can make anxiety unbearable. Yet even if you have defaulted to fearful thinking your whole life, it’s important to remember that anxiety is a manageable condition that can be treated in therapy.

We’re Living Through Historic And Frightening Times

Because anxiety is a natural response to stress, it is an incredibly common condition among Americans. In fact, a 2020 survey found that nearly two-thirds of respondents reported some degree of anxiety, and it’s estimated that over 30 percent of adults will develop clinical symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

When we consider the state of the world and the seemingly never-ending cycle of bad news, it’s no wonder that so many of us struggle with symptoms of anxiety. Moreover, here in West Texas, the events of the past few years have shaken our community in particular. Our area has been the epicenter of various emergencies, including economic challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, unpredictable weather patterns, and a 2019 mass shooting. Fears surrounding the future of our local community—along with the country at large—have become increasingly commonplace.

In addition, as trauma-informed therapists, we recognize the role that internalized distress plays in anxiety. Even if we as individuals have been able to weather the circumstances of the past, it’s likely we’ve had other painful and personal experiences in our lives that have contributed to an anxious mindset and exacerbated our fear surrounding the current moment.

Unfortunately, there remains a stigma about mental health that prevents those in need from seeking help. And quite often, if we’ve grown accustomed to anxious thinking, it’s likely that we don’t recognize there are other ways to live.

In therapy for anxiety, however, you can see that there are, in fact, other ways to approach life’s uncertainties.

A Healthier, More Balanced Approach To Life Is Possible With Anxiety Treatment

Girl at computer smilingLiving with incessant fear makes everything hard—especially when it comes to asking for what you need. If you’re struggling with anxiety, you may be concerned that seeking the help of a therapist will cause you to feel judged and ashamed of your worries. But here at Insight Counseling Center, we take an empathetic, relatable, and effective approach to anxiety treatment so that you can find lasting relief.

Beginning with an intake that is essential to understanding your needs and goals for treatment, your anxiety counselor will go over elements of your history, helpful coping mechanisms that have worked in the past, and your hopes for the future. We are interested in getting to the root cause of your anxiety instead of simply treating surface symptoms, so treatment will incorporate a balance of examining your past, present, and future.

As mentioned, our counselors are trauma-informed clinicians who understand how to gently target unresolved distress using a range of demonstrated methods. We may incorporate Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to calm your nervous system and help you resolve past traumas. In addition, expressive arts and sand tray therapies can be valuable for children and adults alike in exploring and dismantling distorted thinking patterns and behaviors.

Counseling provides you with a foundation of skills that will help you to cope with your symptoms and get to a place where your anxiety is effectively managed or eliminated for life. And it all begins with treatment at Insight Counseling Center.

Maybe you’re ready to seek treatment for your anxiety, but you have some questions… 

I’m worried that discussing my anxiety in therapy will only make me feel worse.

If you’re struggling with acute daily anxiety, you probably don’t feel great right now. Rest assured, counseling is not meant to make you feel your anxiety more intensely but to help you understand its origins and resolve ruminations. By talking to an unbiased, empathetic counselor, you’re not only creating a safe space to discuss your fears, but you’re also giving yourself the opportunity to learn valuable coping strategies that can help to mitigate your anxiety.

I’ve grappled with anxiety all my life—how will counseling help at this point? 

Anxiety is a manageable (and even curable!) disorder, even if you have a genetic predisposition to anxious thinking or have struggled with symptoms since childhood. You probably think there is no other way to be since you have thought this way for as long as you can remember. However, therapeutic treatment can help you to get to the root of your anxiety so that you can find lasting relief and develop the skills you need to effectively manage your emotions.

I’m worried about being judged for seeking counseling for my anxiety.  

Despite what you may think, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if you’re seeking help for your anxiety. Counseling is becoming an increasingly common and acceptable option for mental health support, and anxiety treatment is likely to make your life feel more manageable in general. At Insight Counseling Center, our clinicians are nonjudgmental and HIPAA-compliant; we would never share anything discussed in treatment without your permission.

You Can Learn To Look Ahead With Optimism Instead Of Worry  

If fearful thinking has made life exhausting and difficult, treatment at Insight Counseling Center can help you get to the core of your anxiety and resolve the symptoms that make daily life challenging. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit our contact page.