Allen Higby, Student Intern Supervised by Beth Desilets

I believe that healing takes place through authentic connection. Connections both outside and within. With our loved ones, communities, and work – but also within our body, mind, and spirit. Unfortunately, most of us experience the world disconnected in some way. We come into this world whole and worthy of love, but along the way, we experience trauma, rejection, loss, abandonment, or abuse. Those experiences cut us off from others and even parts of ourselves. I believe that healing is a journey to recover these lost parts and authentically connect with ourselves and, in turn, others.

As a therapist, I honor each client’s session as their own. I also believe counseling is a collaborative process. Using a holistic and integrative approach, I will be with you, listening to truly understand, and working with you to achieve your goals. Together, we will tailor your sessions to meet your unique needs.

Specialties: LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity, Addiction, Relationships, Religious Trauma
Modalities: talk therapy, sand tray, mindfulness